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We bring top Trial Lawyers together to share expertise, build partnerships, and benefit our local Puerto Rico community.

Our Mission

Our Mission

Welcome to The Trial Lawyers of Puerto Rico, a dynamic collective of legal professionals driven by a shared dedication to uniting the preeminent minds in Mass Tort and Personal Injury law.

Our mission is to forge robust partnerships among our members, an esteemed assembly of revered experts in their respective domains. Through these collaborations, we craft educational avenues that yield exponential value for each member, their clientele, and the vibrant community of Puerto Rico.

Established in 2021 by the visionary Attorneys Paul and Marie Napoli, Hunter Shkolnik, and William Pintas, The Trial Lawyers of Puerto Rico finds its home in the heart of San Juan. We invite you to explore our platform, where excellence converges with purpose to shape the future of legal practice.

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Our Founding Board Members

William G. Pintas

Founding Member, Partner at Pintas & Mullins Law

William Pintas leads one of the largest partnering personal injury firms in North America representing tens of thousands of clients in mass torts, nursing home maltreatment, asbestos claims, institutional sex abuse and environmental disasters. The firm is at the forefront of technology, marketing and law firm partnership strategies. Attorney Pintas is also chief legal strategist for famed civil rights attorney Ben Crump.

Ari Kresch

Founder, Chief Visionary Officer at 1-800-LAW-FIRM

Ari Kresch is a true pioneer in bringing contingent legal services to the masses. He founded 1-800-LAW-FIRM in 1994, the first legal marketing firm to access national advertising platforms on behalf of its constituent law firms. He built and supervised the first legal intake center, designed to avoid the bottleneck caused by limiting new client intakes to lawyers that had competing obligations in court. He was first to build legal intake software that would create efficiencies, unknown to the law firms at the time.

Michael Fuller


Mr. Fuller is one of the founding member of Farrell & Fuller.  Mr. Fuller spent decades holding the nursing home industry responsible for the abuse and neglect of the elderly.  Now he has turned his attention to other corporate giants in the pharmaceutical industry by taking a key leadership role in the nationwide opioid litigation.  Mr. Fuller along with Mr. Farrell have most recently began anti-trust litigation against Google and Facebook on behalf of our Country’s Newspaper Industry.

James Bergener

Founder at Sweet James Accident Attorneys

Recognized by fellow accident lawyers, he has been a guest lecturer at conferences, legal seminars, and law schools on topics involving injury tort litigation and practice management.Aside from his numerous academic and professional interactions, “Sweet James” Bergener provides weekly commentary as a legal expert on various radios stations and television programs across the nation.

Marc D. Grossman

Senior Partner at Milberg Coleman Bryson Phillips Grossman, LLC

Marc D. Grossman is a Senior Partner at Milberg Coleman Bryson Phillips Grossman, LLC with decades of experience representing large groups of plaintiffs against major corporate defendants, including in the areas of environmental torts, medical claims, class actions and mass torts, both domestically and globally. Mr. Grossman has also produced five Broadway shows, and is co-owner of the Puerto Rican professional basketball team Mets de Guaynabo.

Paul Farrell, Jr.

Founding Member, Farrell & Fuller, LLC

Mr. Farrell is a West Virginia trial lawyer known best for his role as the Co-Lead of the national prescription opiate litigation.

Hunter Shkolnik

Founding Member, Partner at Napoli Shkolnik Law

Mr. Shkolnik holds numerous leadership appointments in multi-district litigations and currently services as Co-Liaison Counsel in the Flint Water litigation, where he is involved in the pending $641.2 million settlement. He was also a primary attorney in settling the first federal opioid trial in Ohio for $320 million and is a member of the Plaintiffs’ Executive Committee for the National Prescription Opiate litigation. Recently, Mr. Shkolnik was named to the Law360 Product Liability Editorial Board.

Marie Napoli

Founding Member, Partner at Napoli Shkolnik Law

Ms. Napoli continues to be at the forefront of complex litigation nationwide and has been appointed to leadership roles in various state and federal multi-district case. She is a leading media commentator and author on topics ranging from mass torts to workplace discrimination. For her work, she has been industry and peer recognized, notably Ms. Napoli was named to National Trial Lawyers Women’s Rights Top 10.

Paul Napoli

Founding Member, Partner at Napoli Shkolnik Law

Mr. Napoli has a proven track record of consistently obtaining multi-million settlements for clients. He is also well known for his efforts on behalf of 9/11 victims, having been instrumental in lobbying for “Jimmy Nolan’s Law” and the “Zadroga Bill”. Currently he is Co-Lead Counsel in the Aqueous Film-Forming Foam multi-district litigation and the New York Opioid Cost Recovery Litigation.

Mikal C. Watts

Capital Partner at Watts Guerra LLC

Mikal Watts is one of the most prominent trial lawyers, having tried and won numerous first-in-the-country MDL bellwether trials. He now focuses on wildfire, pharmaceutical, farming and environmental pollution mass action cases.

Did you know about our CLE Program?

Welcome to Mass Torts Puerto Rico, where legal expertise meets education in our signature event.

As pioneers in the legal field, we are committed to fostering an environment of learning and knowledge-sharing. Our paramount priority is education, and TLPR exemplifies our dedication to providing comprehensive insights into mass torts. Through an array of dynamic seminars, workshops, and panel discussions led by industry luminaries, TLPR offers a unique platform to explore the intricate landscape of mass tort litigation. We believe that informed legal professionals are empowered legal professionals, and that’s why TLPR stands as a beacon of enlightenment in the legal realm. Join us at TLPR and experience firsthand our unwavering commitment to education and the advancement of legal expertise.

Even More Reasons to Join!

Ivelisse Aponte

Executive Director

In my role as the Executive Director of the Trial Lawyers of Puerto Rico, I have the distinct honor of engaging with exceptional and highly seasoned legal intellects specializing in Mass Torts and Personal Injury. As a fellow attorney, I consider it an immense privilege to continually broaden my intellectual horizons and immerse myself in the myriad of opportunities that these fields offer. As a proud Puerto Rican, the accomplishments we have achieved in a remarkably short span fill me with genuine pride. Our endeavors, marked by diverse initiatives, stand harmoniously aligned with our unwavering mission: to foster enriched educational prospects for those seeking them most. The tapestry of our achievements is woven with dedication. With enthusiasm and a warm invitation, we aspire to extend the boundaries of our community, inviting you to become an integral part of this transformative journey.


¡Gracias y Bienvenidos!

Trial Lawyers of Puerto Rico and Mass Tort Med School Present:
Mass Torts Puerto Rico’s Annual Conference

Mass Torts Puerto Rico is BACK! We are excited to announce the dates for 2024 are April 30th – May 2nd at the majestic Condado Vanderbilt Hotel in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Tickets on sale this fall. To learn more about the event, visit the event website!

Trial Lawyers of Puerto Rico Presents:

Cocktails & Canapés

Thank you all who could make it to our Meet and Greet event. We had a great time making new friends in our local legal community. Special thanks to our sponsors The Lake Law Firm for their continued support.

Looking forward to our next one, stay tuned!


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